IloveToBeMe-webAfter becoming inspired by a talk delivered by well known humanitarian and York Catholic DSB graduate, Craig Keilburger, a 7-year old Waterloo Catholic DSB student named Kate Lilja came home and told her mom she needed to “find her cause” – and she did.

She decided to reach out to children like her who feel different and experience challenges and to offer  encouragement by letting them know that they are not alone. She did this by writing a book called “I Love to Be Me” and is dedicating the proceeds to a cause very dear to her.

Kate was born with a heart condition that required intensive neonatal care and ongoing monitoring.  Today Kate is a healthy 13-year old teen. In recognition of the hard work that many individuals and organizations do to help children, Kate decided to use the book she wrote when she was 7-years old to raise funds for the hospital where she was born – the Grand River Hospital.

A book launch is planned for May 8th at the Waterloo Regional Art Centre.  For more information please call (519) 579-0070.

To purchase I Love to Be Me  visit