WaterlooHaitiCrop1From the Waterloo Catholic DSB: The Mother Teresa Catholic School Pastoral Teams, staff and the “F.L.Y” (Faith Leading Youth) team came together in a creative way to ask for their community’s support in responding to the crisis in Haiti.

Students and staff were asked to donate a “loonie” ($1.00) for the purchase of a “brick” (Lego brick) that to be used in the symbolic rebuilding of lives and communities in Haiti. The school’s slogan for this effort is “If it takes a village to raise a child, a child can help raise a village”.

A large map of the country of Haiti was placed in the school’s foyer alongside an area for the receipt of donations from students and staff. The money raised from this charity relief drive will be forwarded to “Development and Peace”, the official international development organization of the Catholic church of Canada – www.devp.org.