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The Catholic Trustee Modules: Good Governance for School Boards is a resource for OCSTA members created by the Ontario Education Services Corporation and further enhanced by OCSTA with content rooted in the Catholic faith perspective. These Modules deliver content to specifically support the work of publicly elected Catholic school trustees.

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Overview: This program consists of the following 19 Trustee Modules, preceded by OCSTA’s Module on Foundations in Catholic Education:

Foundations in Catholic Education (formerly Module 15)

  1. Authentic Governance Through Ethical Leadership
  2. Authentic Governance for Student Achievement – Boards Matter!
  3. Right from the Start: Roles and Responsibilities
  4. Common Ground, Common Purpose: Relationships in School Boards
  5. a) Performance Review: Director of Education b) Board Self Assessment: Governance Performance
  6. The Strategic Role and Multi-year Strategic Planning
  7. Exercising Authentic Governance: The School Board’s Role as Policymaker
  8. Conflict: Managing it Creatively
  9. Family and Community Engagement
  10. Advocacy: Engaging the Public
  11. Conflict of Interest and Judicial Proceedings: Some Legal Aspects of Governance
  12. Running Effective Meetings
  13. Finance
  14. Human Resources
  15. What Makes a Great Board Chair?
  16. First Nations Trustees: Leading in Two Worlds
  17. Developing a Code of Conduct for Trustees
  18. Social Media
  19. Internal Audits and the role of Audit Committees (course material is on the OESC website – click here)

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