superior-north-brick-2012From the Superior North CDSB:  The Superior North Catholic District School Board is happy to announce that during this school year, all schools in the board will work together to build a school in Kenya.

To get the students in our schools engaged in the Brick by Brick project, three or four students from each of our nine elementary  schools were selected to attend Leadership Training at St. Martin Catholic School in Terrace Bay. The training occurred on Monday, September 17, and it was led by Mischa and Ian, two facilitators who work for Me to We (Free the Children’s sister organization).

The three goals of the day were:

  1. To give students some background knowledge about Kenya and the challenges that young people there face when getting an education;
  2. To inform students about Free the Children and their work around the world;
  3. To allow students to brainstorm ways to raise awareness about Brick by Brick in their schools and communities.

The students were fully engaged all day and many left with some creative fundraising ideas.  When asked about the day, Calley a Grade 7 student, said, “Today was inspiring. I learned a lot about Kenya and it was fun!”

Liam Duncan, a Grade 8 student, commented, “It was inspiring to get us motivated to do this! I’m not one for writing, but I’ve got three pages of stuff written!”

Wyatt, another Grade 8 student stated, “More kids should do this kind of thing.”

The overall feeling was one of excitement for the future of the project and the lives that it will impact, which was evident when Valerie, a Grade 7 student, said, “It will be pretty cool to know we built a school!”

The cost to build the school is $8,500. Board Office staff kicked off the fund with a donation from their Dress Down Friday fund, and staff members who attended our board-wide Faith Day did the same.  If, as a school board, we are unable to raise the total amount, Free the Children will pair us up with another organization that is also interested in building a school in Kenya, and together our donations will ensure that the project is complete.

We are thrilled to be cooperating with Free the Children and we look forward to keeping the community updated on the Brick by Brick project.

The Superior North Catholic District School Board