At OCSTA's North East Regional Meeting, OCSTA's president, Patrick Daly joined meeting delegates at the Nipissing Parry Sound CDSB's St. Jospeh-Scollard Hall Catholic High School to enjoy the school's beautiful artificial field and sports complex.

Gathered at the beautiful artificial field and sports complex at Nipissing Parry Sound CDSB’s St. Jospeh-Scollard Hall Catholic High School are the following OCSTA North East Regional Meeting delegates: Front row right to left Rick Brassard Chair NCDSB, Jacques Bégin Vice-Chair (NPSC) Colleen Landers Region 1 Director NCDSB, Pat Daly, Presidnet OCSTA, George Whittet (NPSC), Elizabeth Kind, Vice Chair NCDSB Back Row Right to Left Martin Drainville NCDSB, Ray Desjardin Vice-Chair SCDSB, Brian O’Sullivan Director of Catholic Education OCSTA, Michael Bellmore Chair SCDSB, Linda Jamieson (NPSC), Glen Sheculski, Director NCDSB, Milanetti, Executive Director OCSTA, John Willemsen (NPSC)

In each of the five provincial regions visited by OCSTA President, Patrick Daly, Association Executive Director, Nick Milanetti, and Director of Catholic Education, Brian O’Sullivan, trustees discussed a number of issues and experiences that were not unique to their respective boards. The agenda for the regional meeting called on boards to discuss budgets, labour, local accomplishments and other issues of regional significance. In addition to the focus on local issues, a session led by Brian O’Sullivan enabled trustees to discuss the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action and the work being done locally to support effective aboriginal education initiatives and outcomes.

A report for each of the five regional meetings will be prepared and shared with members of each region in the coming weeks.



Central Regional Meeting discussions.

In addition to the sharing of information between trustees within each region, these meetings provide an opportunity for OCSTA’s president to discuss the key work of OCSTA and answer questions from meeting delegates.  During this year’s session OCSTA’s president:

  • discussed the Association’s renewed Mission and Vision Statement;
  • updated members on the current key priorities for the Association;
  • discussed the role and responsibilities of OCSTA’s directors;
  • reviewed the process for creating and submitting board resolutions, which guide the work of OCSTA;
  • provided an update for trustees on labour, and;
  • explained the revised focus of the joint initiative between OCSTA, the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario and OECTA called FACE (Friends and Advocates for Catholic Education).

Copies of this presentation was provided to all meeting delegates and will be made available to members again in the regional meeting report.