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OCSTA Reports

Respecting Difference

Administrative Guidelines for Student Groups in Catholic Schools

OCSTA Brochures & Publications

Canadian Family Magazine Interview – November 2012

Catholic Ratepayer Brochure

Catholic Education Brochure – “175 Years of Success – a brochure that is ideal for parents as it defines in basic terms the history and the distinctiveness of Catholic education in Ontario. The brochure also addresses myths about funding and explains how and why publicly funded Catholic education is an integral, collaborative and successful segment of Ontario’s education system. 168 Years of Success

Catholic Trustees, Advocates, Guardians & Stewards of Catholic Education – a comprehensive document describing the role of the Catholic Trustee – ideal for current trustees.

Becoming a Catholic School Trustee

A Call to Service

The Enduring Gift Booklet & DVD (Please contact OCSOA)

Witnesses to Faith

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CDSB Policies

Policy Documents

Catholic Education Documents

Catholicity – Best Practices (ECCODE), Compiled by James G. McCracken, Former Director of Education, Ottawa CSB – 2009

Catholic Association of Religious and Family Life Educators of Ontario:

  • A Place of Honour Reaching out to Students at Risk in Ontario Catholic Schools by Tony Cosentino, Renfrew Country CDSB & Joe Bezzina, London DCSB

Catholic Education – History

A Promise Fulfilled by Michael Power

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Catholic Students

75th Anniversary

New Teachers Documents

Faith Reference Portfolio for Beginning Teachers

Pastoral Form for New Teachers

School Council Document

Involving other Parents – the Primary Focus of a Catholic School Council

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