PVNClearns Oct 2015-3

A social media case study for Catholic District School Boards – by Galen Eagle, Peterborough, Victoria, Northumberland, and Clarington CDSB: Beginning last spring, PVNC CDSB began a push to increase Twitter engagement in our family of schools. We did so with a strong focus on our strategic vision, introducing the hashtags:




When we began this push, we had roughly 25% of our schools using Twitter and even fewer using it regularly. Today, we have more than 75% of our schools using Twitter regularly to engage with other schools, students, teachers and the broader community. In the same time, we’ve increased our following on our Board Twitter handle (@PVNCCDSB) by more than 80%.

At least once a month, we use the Storify (the social network service that allows users to create stories using social media) to highlight some of the most informative Tweets within the PVNC CDSB and share it with our larger community. The stories that we create using Storify give some of the best snapshots of the type of learning, leading and service that goes on in our schools on a daily basis.

These online stories serve to celebrate our students and even bring out a little bit of competition among our board  principals and teachers – which all serves to generate a healthy flow of positive tweets about Catholic education at PVNC. This kind of environment helps widen awareness and encourage others to explore this technology a little further for the benefit of our schools.

Here is a link to our last Storify story:


One of Storify’s great functions is the ability to export stories into PDFs. This gives us the ability to take the best Tweets and include them in our monthly newsletter, which goes out after each Board of Trustees’ meeting.

We’ve received  very encouraging feedback about our PVNC’s Twitter Highlights page which can be viewed here (see page 3). Many agree that it’s the best way to see all the great things happening in our schools utilizing a quick, engaging, interactive format.

The Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington CDSB