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Dec 23, 2022

Patrick Daly, OCSTA President

Patrick Daly, President

“From the Galilean hills explode a hope, a
promise, a guarantee.”


“Christmas is a time when we recall God’s intervention into the state of affairs of all humanity. Despite the challenges and crises that the world experiences … God comes to us! And God comes not only to us, but in us and with us.”


Most Rev. Mark A. Hagemoen, Bishop of Saskatoon


Bishop Hagemoen’s wonderful words for me speak not only of the “ hope, promise and guarantee “ of the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ, but as well of the purpose and reality of publicly funded Catholic Education. Despite real and complex challenges, at Christmas and each day we witness students and staff boldly proclaiming that “ God comes to us” and “ is in us and with us”.

What a precious gift we as Catholic Trustees are entrusted to govern, protect and promote.

On behalf of the OCSTA Board of Directors and our dedicated staff, I thank Catholic Trustees throughout Ontario and all who serve and support Catholic Education for your commitment to “place Christ and the teachings of the Catholic Church at the centre” of students’ learning experiences.

We pray that you, your families and the Catholic School Systems you serve have a happy and blessed Christmas and a New Year filled with joy.

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