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Apr 5, 2023


 President’s Easter Message

Patrick J. Daly
OCSTA President
April 5, 2023


“At Easter on the morning of the first day of the week, God said once again: “Let there be light.”  With the resurrection of Jesus, light itself is created anew.  He draws all of us after him into the new light of the resurrection and conquers all darkness. He is God’s new day, new for all of us.”


The words of Pope Benedict XVI, taken from his last Easter Vigil Homily, serve as an inspiring source of hope that through the passion, death and resurrection of our Saviour Jesus Christ “light itself is created anew.” 

Each day in Catholic schools throughout Ontario, by word and witness, teachers and other staff share with students the good and life saving news that Jesus draws them and each of us “into the new light of the resurrection and conquers all darkness.”  What a gift and blessing we have in publicly funded Catholic education.

On behalf of the OCSTA Board of Directors and our dedicated staff, I pray that you, your families and the Catholic school systems you serve have a Blessed and Happy Easter.





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