Parent Testimonials

The voice and aspirations of Catholic parents has and continues to shape, guide and strengthen publicly funded Catholic education in Ontario. The Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association is therefore pleased to launch the Catholic Parents Project – #CatholicParentsVoice.

The project provides a platform for parents of students in Catholic schools to share how the experience of Catholic education has had an impact on the educational and faith formation journey of their children and families.

Our parent testimonials will also be shared on on the OCSTA Twitter account (@CatholicEdu) and Facebook Account (


Mary Giardina

Sometimes it takes a crisis to know how important something is to you. For me, this happened 18 months ago, where I suffered severe cardiac arrest.

This was scary for my family to say the least, but the community rallied in ways I couldn’t begin to imagine. Meals, transportation, friendship…anything!

The parish was an incredible support to my husband and children, as the cardiologist told them to prepare for the worst, but hope for the best.

My children really leaned on their faith during this difficult time, wondering how can life change in a blink of an eye?

Being able to pray and not feel so alone was a tremendous grace to my family…one that I will never fully understand with my mind, but definitely can with my heart J

We all felt the pastors, youth minister, teachers and principal were with us every step of the way. 

Today, when we look back at that time, it’s not the tough moments that come to mind…it’s the caring sense of community and how miracles happen every day that we think about first.


Mary Giardina, Catholic Parent and OAPCE Director
York Catholic District School Board


Marie Teskey

At Holy Family, I collect anonymous ‘Prayer Cards’ weekly. It is so important to me that every child knows that they are part of the Family of God. What they are feeling and going through matters and that they are prayed for.


Stacey Cosgrove

If I think back to when I was pregnant, with my twin girls, I always knew they would attend a Catholic School. My husband, Joel Ferreira, and I, had both attended Catholic schools and we wanted to carry on the traditions and beliefs which our parents gave us. It was more of a ‘gift to our girls’, really, then it was a choice of schools. We wanted them to have everything that a faith-based education would bring. Jayda and Madison where only three (3) years old when they started JK, and like every mommy I was extremely nervous on that first day.

I experienced that same nervous feeling just 2 years ago, when we moved from Hespeler to South Cambridge and the girls started Grade 5 in a new school – Holy Spirit. After only 10 minutes of meeting with their new teacher, Mrs. Gingrich; however, I was at ease because I knew my children would be safe and completely happy in their new surroundings. Our school offers many extra fun, spiritual, family and “girl” focused programs, which I think sets the Catholic School board apart.

My children come home everyday with great stories from their religion classes and they have a sense of belonging and good values. We just completed Confirmation (grade 7’s), which had us talking over dinner, nightly, about the Sacrament of Reconciliation and as the school encouraged families to aid in researching of Saints to help the children choose their Confirmation names.

There were many discussions and even phone calls to Grandad, to clarify differences they had found online, before selecting Emilia and Elizabeth. The Confirmation process brought our entire family even closer together, during this very special time in our daughters’ lives. Thank you Catholic Education!