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Feb 1, 2022


February 1, 2022

While recognizing that digital literacy and associated skills are an important component of future opportunities for students, the Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association is very disappointed that the Association’s advice (and that of a number of other Provincial Education Associations) to delay implementation of the Mandatory On-Line Learning Graduation Requirement until September 2023, was not taken.

Within the context of the return of remote learning – which only recently concluded on January 17th –  the implementation and communication of this mandatory online learning requirement policy will be extremely difficult for parents, students, school boards and school staff.

Given the current climate, it would be important to allow boards sufficient time to effectively communicate to students, staff, parents, guardians, administrators and teachers the full implications of the many operational challenges that online learning would create for September 2022. A longer preparation time is required, and would allow for the smoother transition of this program, greater transparency and a more fully informed community.

OCSTA has and will continue to strongly recommend that the Ministry of Education delay implementation of the mandatory online learning requirement to September 2023. This respects the Ministry’s policy commitment and suggests a timeline that allows for family and student engagement.

Patrick Daly



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