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Education that Works for You - Modernizing Health and Physical Education

Province Modernizing Health and Physical Education

March 15, 2019 7:33 A.M.


Today, Ontario's Government for the People announced its plan to modernize the elementary Health and Physical Education (HPE) curriculum.

The 2019 HPE curriculum will cover various topics, including active living, movement skills, and healthy living - which is where students learn about human development and sexual health. Following feedback from the largest provincial consultation on education, the government heard the need for an HPE curriculum that is age-appropriate and relevant.

The revised elementary HPE curriculum will be released in late May for September 2019 implementation. From now until the end of the 2018-19 school year, educators will continue using the 2018 curriculum, their professional judgement and age-appropriate resources to teach the students in their classroom.

To ensure parents are respected, the government will provide an opt-out policy similar to other jurisdictions. The ministry will also be introducing online modules for parents who may want to introduce topics at home whenever their child is ready. Both of these options will be available for the 2019-20 school year.

What will Change in the Primary Grades (1 to 3)?

New Learning in the 2019 curriculum will include:

What will Change in the Junior Grades (4 to 6)?

New Learning in the 2019 curriculum will include:

What will Change in the Intermediate Grades (7 to 8)?

New Learning in the 2019 curriculum includes:

The revised HPE curriculum will reflect research, benchmarking with other jurisdictions, and the consultation data. The ministry is currently working with School Mental Health Ontario (formerly School Mental Health ASSIST) to enhance learning about Mental Health in the curriculum. The ministry is also working across the government to bring expertise in several areas including concussion, consent and human trafficking.

These curriculum changes are part of Ontario's new vision for education: Education that Works for You. The vision will modernize Ontario's classrooms and provide students with more learning opportunities to prepare them for success in post-secondary education, apprenticeship and training, and the workforce


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