Inside this Issue: [toc] Political Update By Danielle Takacs, Director Legislative and Political Affairs New Cabinet Premier Wynne announced her new cabinet today – see list below: Liz Sandals –…

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Jun 24, 2014

Inside this Issue:


Political Update

By Danielle Takacs, Director Legislative and Political Affairs

New Cabinet

Premier Wynne announced her new cabinet today – see list below:

Liz Sandals – Education

Dr. Eric Hoskins – Health

Ted McMeekin – Municipal Affairs and Housing

Helena Jaczek – Community and Social Services

Dipika Damerla – Long-term Care Associate Minister

Mitzie Hunter – Associate Finance Minister Responsible for the new Ontario Retirement Pension Plan

Deb Matthews – Deputy Premier and Chair of Treasury Board

Steven Del Duca – Transportation

Glenn Murray – Environment

Brad Duguid – Economic Development, Employment, and Infrastructure

Reza Moridi – Training, Colleges and Universities

Michael Coteau – Tourism, Culture and Sports and Pan Am

Michael Chan – Citizenship, Immigration, and Trade

Yasir Naqvi – Community Safety Minister and government House leader

Bill Mauro – Natural Resources

Jeff Leal – Rural Affairs and Agriculture and Food

David Orazietti – Consumer Services and Government Services

Tracy MacCharles – Children and Youth Services department

Charles Sousa – Finance

Bob Chiarelli – Energy

Madeleine Meilleur – Attorney General and Francophone Affairs

Michael Gravelle – Northern Affairs and Mines

Kevin Flynn – Labour

Mario Sergio – Seniors

David Zimmer – Aboriginal Affairs

OCSTA will open dialogue with any new Ministers and any and all new MPPs.  We also wait for any signals from the NDP which may or may not indicate a change in its party inner circle or its future direction.

The NDP lost and gained some seats yet overall, came up with the same amount of seats as it did entering the election.  That being said, it did increase its popular support.  The party may have to somehow make amends for triggering an election on a progressive budget, moving the party to the right and losing some beloved and long-standing New Democrat MPPs.   The Progressive Conservatives saw no new MPPs elected, lost seats and the party is currently deciding steps to choose a new leader and interim leader.

OCSTA will monitor any internal party changes that may signal new party direction which may be of interest to our members and mandate.

While the results of the recent provincial election came as a big surprise to many, one thing emerging from the campaign which will likely be embraced is this:  Ontario will now have a stable government for the next four years.

On June 12th, Ontario elected the members of its 41st legislature. It elected a Liberal majority government with a nine seat advantage.  Premier Kathleen Wynne can openly state that without doubt,  she and her Liberals now have a mandate from the people of Ontario.  We also now have what is likely the most diverse governing party in our province’s history; almost a quarter of the MPPs are new to provincial affairs, a third are women, and at least half represent some of Canada’s diverse multi-cultural fabric.

The political pundits seem to agree that by voting in the Wynne-Liberals, people were indicating support for our government to continue assisting businesses with opportunities and employment assistance, and to continue providing breaks to students who fall below a certain financial threshold – regardless of the tough financial times we are struggling through.  They have welcomed the Liberal idea that such support will help individuals, families, associations and businesses through difficult times and that as a result, we will be better off and able to adapt when markets stabilize.

Bargaining between our School Boards and the teacher and support staff unions will commence in the fall, and already the Wynne government has begun to set the stage by stating publicly that “there is no new money and everyone knows what the fiscal situation is. We’ve made tough choices, we will continue to do that.”

For more information, please contact Danielle Takacs, (416) 932-9460, ext. 234


Anti-Spam Legislation

Canada’s new anti-spam legislation goes into effect on July 1. Beginning on this date, businesses and organizations that issue unwanted emails or social media messages could incur significant fines.

Essentially, the new legislation prohibits businesses/organizations from sending to Canadians “CEMs” (commercial electronic messages – emails, texts and even social media messages).  If companies or organizations send such messages they could face fines as high as $1 million (for an individual) and up to $10 million for a company in violation of this law.

Each school board will have to determine whether or not the kinds of messages they send or are likely to send audiences via email, text of social messages, could be labelled “commercial.”

As a precaution, some organizations like OCSTA are securing permissions from various groups on our database where there is no implied consent for such emails.  The Association will also be adding “unsubscribe links” to emails going to external audiences.

If organizations do decide to send out emails to groups before July 1 to request of these audiences advance permission or “opt-ins” for the receipt of content via email, they are reminded such communications (via email) must be done before July 1. After July 1st such communications could be considered spam based on the terms of the legislation.

Boards are encouraged to review the legislation carefully.

For more information, please contact Sharon McMillan, (416) 932-9460, ext. 232.


All Candidates Meeting Guide Is Available

Ontario’s school board associations are pleased to provide our latest resource designed to increase the focus on education in this year’s Municipal Election and to highlight the importance of locally elected school board trustees.

The All Candidates Meeting Guide will help Parent Involvement Committees, School Councils and other Community groups with organizing education-specific meetings that will allow communities to hear directly from candidates running running for office.

Please share this resource in your school community.  The Guide is also available online and can be downloaded from the OCSTA website or from the website supported by all four trustee associations – /

For more information, please contact Sharon McMillan, (416) 932-9460, ext. 232.


If you have any questions or comments about the OCSTA Newswire

Please contact Sharon McMillan, Editor.



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