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Jan 21, 2020

OCSTA 90th Anniversary Trustee Highlight

Marino Gazzola, Chair, Wellington CDSB

What singular experience as a trustee at your CDSB can you share that can serve to illustrate the positive impact of Catholic schools in the community?

It is a singular experience that repeats itself several times every spring…Our high school graduations. We have a tradition at Wellington Catholic. Our graduations take place in the beautiful Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate, a magnificent church. The students process in with spectacular organ music, accompanied by their teachers. Readings, prayers, greetings and valedictory speeches punctuate the evening. Presentations of diplomas and awards are made by community donors and sponsors, clergy, the Principal and Director of Education, celebrating our vision of the Catholic graduate. The Basilica is filled with parents, friends and family members. The evenings are magical and as a trustee, I am filled with pride and confidence, knowing that our students are well equipped to go make a difference in the world.

What current Good News story about students/Catholic schools at your CDSB would you like to share?

Very recently, four of our elementary students, 3 from St. John’s Guelph, and one from Sacred Heart Guelph, all in grade 7, assisted an elderly woman who had fallen while taking out her garbage. She was taking it out as her husband had recently fallen and had some serious injuries. The youths called for assistance from emergency personnel and stayed with the lady until help arrived. Not only did they assist her, the youths now return every week to put the garbage out for the elderly couple. A true demonstration of compassion and community service and witnesses to their faith.


“Igniting Hope” Short Video Contest Winners

The annual Together in Faith Short-Video Contest for students in Ontario’s Catholic schools is one of the ways OCSTA generates engagement for our Catholic schools while raising awareness about the distinctiveness of the Catholic school learning environment. This year’s contest invited students to create 2-minute videos that demonstrate how their schools “ignite hope”.

The Association received almost 100 submissions and from that group created a list of 20 finalists. An online public voting platform was created to encourage school communities and families to vote for their favourite videos. As a result of that voting process we are very pleased to congratulate and announce the following elementary and secondary school winners:


1st Place (highest score): St. Paschal Baylon Catholic Elementary School, Toronto CDSB

1st Place: St. Anne Catholic Elementary School, Dufferin-Peel CDSB

2nd Place: St. David Catholic Elementary School, Sudbury CDSB

3rd Place: Holy Angels, Toronto CDSB


1st Place: St. Charles College Secondary School, Sudbury CDSB

2nd Place: Chaminade College School, Toronto CDSB

3rd Place: Dante Alighieri Academy, Toronto CDSB

See all 20 Finalists!

To view all 10 elementary school finalists click on the following link:

To view all 10 secondary school finalists click on the following link:

Catholic Trustees Seminar Highlights

Over 200 of OCSTA’s members gathered in Toronto January 17 – 18 for the Association’s annual Catholic Trustees Seminars to discuss current issues in education and explore aspects of Catholic school board governance with leading legal and subject matter experts. It is also the Association’s tradition to provide at this event, an opportunity for trustees to hear from the Minister of the Education on timely and relevant education matters. We were pleased to once again provide that opportunity and welcomed The Hon. Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education as opening speaker this year.

The full program is listed here.

To view presentations and audio recordings (where permission is granted by presenters) please click here.

NOTE: these presentations are in the OCSTA Members’ Centre and you must have a user login and password to enter that area of the website. If you need assistance, please contact Ashlee Cabral at or call 416-932-9460, ext. 230 to reach Ashlee by phone.

 Photos from the event:


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