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Jan 25, 2019

89th OCSTA AGM and Conference – In Downtown Toronto

April 25 – 27, 2019


Register now for OCSTA’s 89th Annual General Meeting and Conference which will be held at the InterContentinental Toronto Centre Hotel (225 Front St.)

Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Thomas Groome, Boston College: “Faith in Action in Catholic Schools – Education From and For Faith”
Maggie MacDonnell, 2017 Global Teacher Prize Award Winner – “Lessons for Life”
Jim Grieves, Former Educator and Ministry of Education ADM – “Leadership on the Line: How to Shine in Challenging Situations”

January Catholic Trustees Seminar Overview

**View 2019 Catholic Trustees Seminar presentations and listen to plenary session audio recordings here**

Minister of Education, the Hon. Lisa Thompson (left) with OCSTA President, Beverley Eckensweiler


To view and download plenary and workshop presentations and listen to the recordings of keynote presenters please click here . 

On January 18, over 230 Catholic trustees and directors of education gathered in Toronto for the annual Catholic Trustees Seminar.

The theme for this year’s seminar was “Embracing the Call to Serve” and helping to set the tone for this Seminar was Laura Hughes, Director for the French provincial body for Catholic education (Office provincial de l’education de la foi catholique de l’Ontario). Building on the insights gained through the recent Symposium on Catholic Education and drawing on Catholic faith traditions and practice, Laura Hughes facilitated lively dialogue throughout the session. Table discussions served as opportunities for delegates to reflect on the ways in which trustees can bring personal and collective gifts to the task of Catholic school board governance and Christian service to the community.

Seminar Highlights

  • Leading author on Catholic education in Ontario, Professor and former Principal of St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto, Dr. Mark McGowan discussed the history of Catholic education in Ontario comparing how the struggles of the past provide important lessons that help us to be successful in addressing the challenges of today.
  • Marketing Research Leader, David Coletto delivered an interesting examination of the nature and influence of the Millennial generation on the future of education and work in Canada
  • Minister of Education, the Hon. Lisa Thompson discussed the government’s concentrated effort on working in consultation and more collaboratively with stakeholders in education.

Short-Video Contest Winners

Immaculata High School (Ottawa Catholic School Board) was voted the best “Community Builder” video at the secondary level. OCSTA Conference Chair, Todd Lalonde (far right) and OCSTA President, Bev Eckensweiler present the award to representatives from the Ottawa Catholic School Board.

During this year’s CTS Seminar, awards were presented to the winners of the annual OCSTA Short Video Contest. This year’s theme focused on the meaning of “Community Builders.”

This annual competition provides an opportunity for students and staff to celebrate the distinctive faith-based perspective of Catholic education through the lived experiences of students as interpreted in these lively 2-minute video productions.


First Place: Iona Academy Catholic School, CDSB of Eastern Ontario
Second Place: St. George Catholic Elementary School, Niagara CDSB
Third Place: St. Marguerite d’Youville Catholic Elementary School, Halton CDSB


First Place: Immaculata High School, Ottawa CSB
Second Place: Marymount Academy, Sudbury CDSB
Third Place – TIE:
–          Cathedral High School, Hamilton-Wentworth CDSB
–          Notre Dame College School, Niagara CDSB

To view the winning entries visit:


Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle Presentation to OCSTA

By Brian O’Sullivan, OCSTA Director of Catholic Education

OCSTA was pleased to host a Pre-seminar session for First Nation Trustees and OCSTA Directors on January 18 that featured presentations by Fr. Pierre Bisson and Sr. Priscilla Solomon.

Both speakers are members of our Lady of Guadalupe Circle, which is a group of lay and Catholic clergy who advise the Canadian Catholic Bishops on Reconciliation and Indigenous Issues.

The presentations delivered emphasized the need to address the challenges of cultural assimilation that led to the development of Residential Schools and government policies intended to eliminate Indigenous language and culture. The overriding message emphasized the importance of learning from past destructive actions and moving forward with a focus on respect.

During the presentation speakers highlighted the Catholic Response to the Truth & Reconciliation Commission which embraces a rejection of “Terra Nullius” and the “Doctrine of Discovery” — two arguments used earlier by Europeans and the Church to justify the taking of Indigenous land.

The presentations also highlighted the Bishops response in “Walking Forward Together,” which sets forth a set of principles to guide communities towards stronger faith and cultural closeness between both societies.

The Association would like to take this opportunity to welcome our newest First Nation’s Trustee,  Debbie Mayer from the Mississauga First Nations of Blind River, Ontario.  

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