During this Year of Faith 2013, the Northwest Catholic District School Board celebrates its 15th Anniversary as an amalgamated Catholic School Board.  The Board’s history, however, goes back quite a bit further. Catholic schools have a history in northwest Ontario that goes back more than 120 years.

To commemorate this Anniversary the Northwest CDSB published a history book based on Board archives, local history books and personal collections and memorabilia.  Entitled A History of Catholic Education in the Northwest Catholic District School Board, the publication illustrates that the community has strong parish and school connections and a passion for ensuring the gift of Catholic education to the families in the region.

The publication was produced in-house at a cost of only $4.00 per book.  The board’s goal was to educate families, parishioners, education partners, supporters and alumni about Catholic education and to help all in the community to be able to articulate the following:

  • Who we are
  • Why we are here, and
  • Why we need to continue to exist and to be funded into the future

This book is also a celebration of the people who have served Catholic education, with a tribute to those what went before us and those who work in our Catholic schools today.
–The Catholic Trustees of the Northwest Catholic District School Board