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May 8, 2020
The Northeastern CDSB submitted the following Good News story for Catholic Education Week.

Students at the Northeastern Catholic District School Board recently shared with the board how they are “Igniting Hope” in schools and communities.

Rebekah, a Grade 3 student from St. Joseph School, explains how hope is a big part of her experience in Catholic schools:

“I want to tell you why I go to a Catholic school. I go to Catholic school to learn about God and Jesus. I go to church from school. I sing songs at church. When I grow up I will know how to be a good person. I go to school and church to learn about hope and love. It makes me feel good. These are the reasons why I go to a Catholic school.”

Grade 6 Students from O’Gorman Intermediate Catholic School demonstrated how they ignite hope through gratitude expressed in letter to front line workers.

Go to this Timmins Daily Press link to view the entire article:

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