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Jun 9, 2023

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June 9, 2023

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Module for Catholic Trustees

It is hoped that many trustees have had an opportunity to access the new OCSTA Professional Development Module “Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Our Faith, The Law and Anti-Racism” that was announced at the end of May.

A Distinctive Resource for Catholic Trustees

This module was created specifically for Catholic Trustees, and OCSTA President Patrick Daly commented on the distintiveness of this resource in a recent memo:

This new module provides Catholic School Trustees with a learning resource that supports our distinct role and promotes our shared commitment to promoting the Dignity of the Human Person. It will as well be of assistance in the development and monitoring of policies as set out in the government’s PPM 119,” said President Daly.

The module consists of three distinct segments:

1. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Our Faith – featuring a video presentation by His Eminence, Cardinal Thomas Collins
2. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and the Law – featuring a video presentation by former Catholic Trustee and Current Justice of the Peace, Karen Valentine
3. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Anti-Racism – featuring a video presentation by London DCSB Vice Principal, George McAuley.

Each of the three segments of this module includes reflections, questions and helpful supplemental resources.

To access the new OCSTA Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Module, please click here.

Should you have any questions about the module or accessing the information provided, please do not hesitate to contact Sharon McMillan at OCSTA –

CDSB Indigenous Leads Attend First Annual OCSTA Seminar

The Association was pleased to host the inaugural OCSTA Seminar for CDSB Indigenous Education Leads at the Dufferin-Peel CDSB Catholic Education Centre on Wednesday, June 7th. More than 60 CDSB Indigenous Leads from aross Ontario attended this event.

The Seminar program focused on Indigenous Education, Indigenous Student Perspectives and Experiences, Truth and Reconciliation, Identity Affirming Texts, Equity and Inclusion, and the newest OCSTA  Catholic Virtual Learning Resource to be released for the fall entitled: “Indigenous Knowledges: Joy, Beauty and Brilliance”.

OCSTA President Patrick Daly brought greetings on behalf of the Association and acknowledged the tremendous work and role of Indigenous Leads at CDSBs across the province.

This inaugural event was made possible due to the dedicated efforts of OCSTA Director of Catholic Education, Anne O’Brien and the Indigenous Education Lead for the Dufferin-Peel CDSB, Jodie Williams. The Association is grateful for their leadership and for the support of the Dufferin-Peel CDSB in providing the facility for this Seminar.

OCSTA President Pat Daly addresses inaugural gathering of CDSB Indigenous Education Leads on June 7.[/caption]

Delegates at the inaugural OCSTA Seminar for CDSB Indigenous Education Leads.[/caption]

Superior North CDSB Chair Judy Wawia brings greetings to Seminar delegates and guests.[/caption]

Click image to view/hear video.

2023 Fall Regional Meetings Schedule and Program

OCSTA’s Regional Meetings provide an opportunity for regional networking and discussion while
ensuring that OCSTA Directors and staff are informed about current local priorities and

Information about this year’s meeting agenda, registration and hotels, and the board regions list is provided at the links below:




FACE Catholic Education Day at Queen’s Park

The annual Catholic Education Day at Queen’s Park took place on May 16th and was hosted once again by the Friends and Advocates of Catholic Education or FACE. This initiatve created jointly by OCSTA, the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association and, the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario has for several years presented a united front for publicly funded Catholic education in Ontario through this annual series of meetings with our legistlative representatives at Queen’s Park.

The trustees, teachers and Bishops representing FACE met with over 25 MPPs at Queen’s Park to discuss the excellent work being done in Ontario’s Catholic schools.They focused on the Christ-centred, caring and inclusive learning environments, the acts of Christian service demonstrated by students and staff, and the dedication of Catholic school boards to ensuring the continuity and access to learning for all students.

Additionally, at each meeting, FACE delegation members discussed local information that might deepen each MPPs understanding of the distinctive attributes and achievements of Catholic schools in their respective constituencies.

A sincere expression of gratitude is extended to the FACE Project Manager, Carole Allen for coordinating this successful event and to the following Bishops, Trustees, and Teachers for their dedicated commitment to jointly representing Catholic education in meetings with MPPs (see full list of MPPs here) and their staffers at this year’s event:

Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario:
The Most Rev. Francis Leo, Archbishop of Toronto; The Most Rev. Gerard Bergie, Bishop of St. Catharine and ACBO President; The Most Rev. Daniel Miehm, Bishop of Peterborough; The Most Rev. Ivan Camilleri, Auxiliary Bishop, Archdiocese of Toronto, and; Brian Beal, General Secreatry, ACBO.
Archdiocese of Toronto support staff: Neil McCarthy, Barry White.

Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association:
Patrick Daly, OCSTA President and Chair of the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic DSB; Michael Bellmore, OCSTA Vice President and Chair of the Sudbury Catholic DSB; Nancy Crawford, OCSTA Director and Chair of the Toronto Catholic DSB; Mark Mullan, OCSTA Director and Chair of the Ottawa Catholic School Board; Colleen Landers, OCSTA Director and Trustee with the Northeastern CDSB, and; Anne O’Brien, OCSTA Director of Catholic Education.

Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association:
Barbara Dobrowolski, René Jansen in de Wal, Chris Cowley, Anthony Rocchio, Michel Derikx, Mary Lachapelle, and David Church;
Support Staff: Peter MacDonald, Filomena Ferraro.

We would also like to thank those students and guests presenting at and/or attending the special FACE Catholic Education Day at Queen’s Park Reception:

String Quartet from Cardinal Carter Academy
Teacher: Lucia Yu
Students: Harmony Love Ho, Glen Jun, Irene Huang, Yeonsu Hong

Student Trustees:
Stephanie De Castro, President of the Catholic Board Council of OSTA-AECO; from TCDSB
Katie Bowie, CBC VP; Halton CDSB
Brady Kuzma, Halton CDSB
Arianna Chua, Halton CDSB
David Beshai, TCDSB

St. Joseph’s College School
Teacher: Paul Sabyan
Students: Reiticka Fernando, Elisabetta Gagliardi, Jordan Rapoz, Angel Zou, Jimin Seo


OCSTA President Pat Daly with The Most Rev. Francis Leo, Archbishop of Toronto (at left) and the Minister of Education, The Hon. Stephen Lecce.

President Daly, Archbishop Leo, Minister Lecce and other MPPs

The OCSTA Trusteee Delegate Team at the 2023 FACE Catholic Education Day at Queen’s Park.

OCSTA President Daly with Student Trustee Representatives at the 2023 FACE Catholic Education Day at Queen’s Park.

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