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OCSTA Spokesperson

Patrick J. Daly, President


Patrick J. Daly has been a Catholic school trustee for 31 years and has served continuously as Chair of the Hamilton-Wentworth CDSB since 1991. Prior to becoming a trustee, Patrick was the General Manager of P.J. Daly Contracting in Hamilton.

This is Patrick’s second tenure serving as OCSTA’s President. He first served as the Association’s President in 1996 and fulfilled his 2-year term. During his first tenure as OCSTA President, Patrick participated in a number of important provincial and nation-wide initiatives as a member of the following committees and organizations:

  • Education Finance Reform Working Group (1994-1997)
  • Ontario School Trustees’ Council (Past President)
  • Institute for Catholic Education (Chair and Board Member)
  • Canadian Catholic School Trustees’ Association (Board Member, 1998-2000)

Following Patrick’s initial tenure on the OCSTA Board of Directors, he continued to assume provincial leadership roles as a member of:

  • the Governing Council of Ontario College of Teachers (2 terms)
  • the Ontario College of Teachers Finance and Audit Committee (Chair)
  • the 2008 Non-Teacher Provincial Discussion Tables

Patrick was most recently elected to the OCSTA Board of Directors in 2010 and was elected President of the Association in 2016.

Patrick and his wife Carol have 4 children and are parishioners at St. Ann’s Parish in Ancaster.

OCSTA Backgrounder

An Overview

For more than 85 years, the Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association (OCSTA) has dedicated itself to the promotion and development of the Catholic school system in Ontario. A major activity of the Association is to represent the point of view, the aspirations and the needs of Catholic school boards to the provincial government and, on occasion, to the federal government.

Roman Catholic trustees elected by Catholic ratepayers carry out their role in a system founded on and nurtured by the convictions and commitments of the Catholic faith. The same distinction guides the Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association in providing services to its member boards.

Membership & Organizational Structure

The twenty-nine Roman Catholic District School Boards that educate approximately 550,000 students and represent more than one million Catholic school supporters constitute the Association’s membership.

OCSTA is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of 18 Catholic trustees elected from across Ontario. A professional staff, headed by the Executive Director, operates the provincial office.

OCSTA & the Government

OCSTA is represented on numerous government committees, advisory councils and commissions. The Association monitors government initiatives, contributes to the decision-making process and responds to government action. OCSTA liaises with the Ontario government and all provincial political parties on matters affecting Catholic education. Responsibilities include:

  • presenting briefs on proposed legislation to standing committees of the Legislature;
  • fulfilling the role of Employer Bargaining Agent for all of Ontario’s English Catholic school boards;
  • submitting an annual finance brief to the Minister of Education and Ministry finance officials;
  • assisting in the development of positions and policies;
  • monitoring and influencing policy trends;
  • working with the government on matters of mutual concern;
  • advancing the interests of Catholic education and our member boards; and
  • communicating with member boards on all these matters.

Catholic Education Initiatives

Initiatives in support of our distinctively Catholic school system are an integral part of the OCSTA mission. These include:

  • faith development and liturgical celebrations for trustees and board of directors;
  • professional development programs for trustees;
  • co-ordination of provincial professional development for Catholic Student Trustees;
  • the development of materials to assist boards in highlighting aspects of the Catholic dimension within the system;
  • support of pre-service and in-service Religious Education programs for teachers, including the OECTA/OCSTA Religious Education courses
  • development and co-ordination of resource materials for Catholic Education Week;
  • documents to support the development and mission of Catholic School Councils;
  • materials to assist boards in the hiring of new Catholic teachers;
  • participation in partnership committees through the Institute for Catholic Education;
  • development of guidelines for Student Trustees on Catholic School Boards; and
  • monitoring on-going research regarding Catholic education.


OCSTA provides a number of services and resources for member boards and local Catholic school communities, including:

  • analysis of provincial bills and legislation;
  • labour relations support, including access to the LabRnet website & information sharing;
  • leadership and information in matters of education finance;
  • support for boards’ communications on issues impacting Catholic education;
  • meetings, seminars and information sessions to help boards understand and deal with government initiatives as they occur; and
  • timely communications on all matters relating to education.

Facts About Catholic Education in Ontario

Catholic population in Ontario: 3,611,688 (approx. 33%)
Number of Catholic District School Boards: 29
Number of Catholic trustees: 237
Number of Catholic schools: Approximately 1500
Enrolment in Catholic schools: Approximately 550,000