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Oct 18, 2021

Each year municipalities across the province recognize this 3rd week in October as Local Government Week. The aim of this initiative is to increase awareness among youth and the public about the important role local goverment plays in our communities.

In a recent letter to members, OCSTA President Patrick Daly commended Catholic trustees “for fulfilling the responsibilities of school boards and locally elected school trustees as outlined in the Education Act.”

“I applaud you for your goodness and for faithfully serving as advocates, stewards, servant and politicl leaders of your Catholic school systems. In our 1997 document Witnesses to Faith, the OCSTA wrote:

“Parents (Catholic ratepayers) entrust to duly elected trustees the responsibility for governing and
implementing policies which assure Christ centred learning environments which support the virtues and
values they teach in their homes… Catholic community expects trustees to be persons of faith, with a vision of
life that is centred on Christ and who have a sense of being called to Ministry.”

Facts about Catholic Education and Catholic Trustees:

To learn more about the role of Catholic Trustees directly from Catholic trustees we invite you to view these short videos from trustees across the province:

Called to Serve

For more helpful information about Catholic education in Ontario visit: 

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