Greg Rogers (at left) with student Kadeem.

The Toronto Catholic District School Board takes great pride in congratulating Greg Rogers, Coordinator of Student Leadership, for being named this year’s recipient of CARFLEO’s Archbishop Philip Pocock Award for excellence in Religious Education.

“Greg has been an incredible role model for our students,” says Bruce Rodrigues, Director of Education. “He is passionate about education, about student leadership and about our Catholic faith. His energy and enthusiasm, and positive outlook on life are a wonderful influence on everyone he comes into contact with. We congratulate him for this well deserved recognition.”

The award celebrates an Ontario Catholic school religious educator who demonstrates excellence in one or more of the following areas:

  • care and commitment to engaging and supporting student learning in religious education and faith formation
  • knowledge and demonstration of best practices in religious education and faith formation
  • innovations in the practice of religious education and faith formation
  • on-going contributions to the field of religious education and faith formation beyond their own classroom at a provincial level
  • leadership in initiating and sustaining opportunities for the growth of quality religious education and faith formation with colleagues, and
  • continuous updating and improving of personal practice as a religious educator.

At the provincial level, Greg maintains a number of projects in support of religious education and its distinct linkage to Catholic leadership and Catholic social thought. He works on an ongoing basis with the Institute for Catholic Education to promote the Catholic Graduate Expectations. He was instrumental in starting up the Catholic leadership training program at Camp Olympia 20 years ago, and the creation of the When Faith Meets Pedagogy Youth Forum, which reaches over 1500 Catholic students.

Greg’s work on international outreach programs to Kenya, India, Ghana and other parts of the world, with Free the Children and the Catholic Religious Orders is based on his real world model of direct experience in service leadership modelled on our Gospel values.   He has also partnered with L’Arche to help create Catholic Curriculum about Jean Vanier and his message of belonging.

“On behalf of the Trustees of the Toronto Catholic District School Board, I extend to Greg our thanks for his commitment to student achievement and well being,” says Chair Ann Andrachuk. “He is a wonderful example of an individual who is living his Catholic values, and in a very real and meaningful way helping our students to achieve the Catholic Graduate Expectations. We wish him continued success.”