Register and Vote for Your Catholic Trustee

The Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association is reminding Catholic school supporters to confirm they are registered as separate school supporters and to vote for their Catholic school board trustees on October 22.  NOTE: you can learn more about your candidates by searching candidates in the list of English Catholic School Boards here.


As you know, on October 22 you will have an opportunity to participate in voting for your local municipal politicians which include your local Catholic school board trustee. Some of you may have already voted in the advance polls.

We want to remind you that only registered Catholic school (separate school) supporters can vote for Catholic trustees. To check if you are a registered Catholic school supporter and to change/correct your information on your municipal voters’ list, you can do one of the following:

Go to the municipal offices for your community and fill out an application to be added to the list or to correct information. Proof of identification may be required.  Please call your municipal office in advance to determine what documentation you may need.


At the polling station: verify that you are registered as a “separate school supporter.” If your support status is incorrect ask for an “Application to Amend Voters’ List”. This form may be completed and submitted at the polling station.

REMEMBER to ensure that the ballot you are given at the polling station is a separate school ballot as only that ballot will list Catholic school trustee candidates.

Please note that Catholic ratepayers must declare themselves to be Catholic and separate school electors in order to cast a vote in the election of separate Catholic school trustees in municipal elections.

Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association

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