Candles-LTW-audienceOn June 7, 2012, the nation’s largest newspaper, The Toronto Star, published a story with the following headline:

“Catholic schools’ test scores often better than public schools: C.D. Howe Report”

The paper was referring to a report released every three-years by the C.D. Howe Institute that examines three years of Grade 3 and 6 test scores from the province’s public and Catholic schools.

After taking into consideration certain factors that give students in various communities an advantage, the Institute comes up with a ranking system for the province’s top 29 schools. Two-thirds or 17 of those 29 schools are Catholic schools.

Comparing schools is neither productive nor encouraged, however, acknowledging student success and achievement is an important part of the education process. Catholic schools in Ontario continue to perform exceedingly well in Ontario and we are pleased to acknowledge the efforts of the students, teachers, administrators and families in our schools who help to make our faith-based learning environments encouraging and welcoming places for students to learn.

Other headlines in the news regarding the high performance of Catholic schools include today’s feature in the Waterloo Record – “Catholic schools lead in literacy: Local Grade 10 students surpass public school counterparts in standardized test”.

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