London-crop-comm-consultCommunity engagement is an important way for Catholic school boards to connect with the communities they serve to enhance programs and address the needs of students and families. In today’s Good News post we look at a few community engagement activities that took place at the London and Niagara CDSBs over the past year.

London Trustees Invite Community Consultation on Future Strategy

Last February, dozens of people – from students to parent, teachers, support staff, principals and trustees – gathered at four sites for a public consultation session designed to help to guide the future of the London District Catholic School Board.

The Board invited its stakeholders to join in face-to-face discussions or to fill out a questionnaire on-line. Many people, from a wide variety of backgrounds, took the opportunity to share their thoughts.

The discussion centered on what is good about the Board, what needs to be improved, and the challenges it will face in the future. The participants broke out into smaller groups, and discussed what they value about Catholic education; what the Board should continue to focus on and what it could do to improve; and  how can we work together to  serve better the needs of children and families?

Chair Philip Squire said he hopes this was the start of a process that will help trustees to review the Board’s Strategic Plan.

Niagara-crop-RootsofEmpathyNiagara Catholic CDSB – Roots of Empathy

On May 29th, Niagara Catholic hosted the year-end celebration for the Roots of Empathy program. The program helps children learn about the needs of others by observing babies throughout the year as they grow from infants to toddlers.

Approximately 45 babies and their mothers were on hand for the end-of-school-year celebration at the Catholic Education Centre.