tcdsb-art-crop “Student Success”, a three-panel piece of artwork inspired by the lives of students at Monsignor Fraser College, has been donated to the Toronto Catholic District School Board, and will be permanently housed at the Catholic Education Centre. The artists are Visual Art Students at Monsignor Fraser College’s, Norfinch Campus:  Tania Augerre Martinez, Gloria Gonzalez,  Herbert Hernandez,  Jessenia Jovel, Andy Lee, Melanie Monez and Brittany Murphy.

The use of modelling paste creates a rigid overall texture with deep rooted cracks and imperfections. The rough peeks and valleys add a sense of struggle and hardship that life can bestow, which add an emotional sense of sadness and isolation.  This is especially seen in the mountain range depicted in blue at the forefront of the painting.

“Life inevitably forces humanity to face difficult obstacles, challenges and disappointments, which can leave deep wounds and scars,” says teacher Tania Pernar.  “Along with the wounds, scars and suffering there is also light.  There are students, teachers, and members of our community that have experienced engulfing adversity.  In darkness, together supplying support, compassion and a will to improve lives, to lead the suffering to pathways of success and achievement, to light.”

The pathways of success are portrayed in the painting where all students are given the opportunity to succeed.  The idea of the multicoloured silhouettes finding a pathway and climbing over adversity, struggle and hardship is seen in the middle ground of the painting.

“Focusing on the centre panel, there are silhouettes representing students, teachers and members of the community who will lead students to success for those who seek to be helped,” says Ms. Pernar.  “With the help of others, we support each other, we lift each other up, and we come together as a caring and compassionate community. There is hope and there are dreams that will be met by our students and community members.”

This is seen in the warm reds and yellows in the paintings background, which is interconnected with the large dove swooping over the crowd of people and the land. God is also present. God is depicted in the painting where the group of people stand above the mountain tops, in a pillow of white separate from the earth and sky, in the paintings background.

“Student success and achievement means finding a pathway, finding hope to achieve a dream,” says the visual arts teacher. “This is a reality at Monsignor Fraser College, a true Catholic learning community.”