2019 Short-Video Contest for Students

2019 Short-Video Contest for Catholic Education

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Featured video above is the 2018 elementary school first place winner – “Community Builder” submitted by Iona Academy, CDSB of Eastern Ontario.
OCSTA is pleased to announce the call for submissions for the Association’s 2019 short-video contest for students in grades 4 through 12 at Ontario’s publicly funded Catholic schools. The theme for the 2019 short-video contest is:

In Pope Francis’ post-synodal exhortation – Christus Vivi – the Holy Father states:

“Christ is alive! He is our hope, and in a wonderful way he brings youth to our world, and everything he touches becomes young, new, full of life”



We are a people of hope and that hope is rooted in the love of Jesus Christ.

This year we invite Catholic school students to create 2-minute videos to help communities across Ontario to see and experience how that hope is brought to life in Catholic schools.

Submission Guidelines and Form

  • The contest is open to all students in grades 4 – 12 at Ontario’s publicly funded Catholic schools.
  • Students are invited to prepare a 2-minute video that shows how Catholic schools are places where young people encounter the Holy Spirit and ignite hope through the love of Christ.
  • The video should be uploaded to YouTube where it can be viewed and evaluated for the contest.
  • The unique URL (web address) created by YouTube when a video file is uploaded is to be recorded on the OCSTA short-video contest submission form.
  • The submission deadline is December 10, 2019.
  • The submission form can be downloaded here.


  • First place: $300 Best Buy Gift Certificate
  • Second place: $150 Best Buy Gift Certificate
  • Third place: $100 Indigo Gift Certificate.
  • First, second and third place prizes will be awarded at both the Elementary and Secondary panels. The winners will be announced in January.

We thank the students, teachers and trustees of all all CDSBs for their support of this contest which celebrates the achievements of publicly funded Catholic education in Ontario.


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