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Oct 4, 2023

October 4, 2023


TO:                 Chairpersons and Directors of Education
                       – All Catholic District School Boards

CC:                 OCSTA Directors and Staff
                        Board Secretaries and Administrative Assistants

 FROM:          Patrick J. Daly, President

SUBJECT:     Local Government Week – 2023

“I will follow you wherever you go.”

I begin with the disciples’ words in today’s Gospel to commend and thank Catholic School Trustees throughout Ontario for generously responding to God’s call to serve His Church through your faith filled service to publicly funded Catholic education.  I do so as well to inform you that October 16-20, 2023 has been designated by the Provincial Government as Local Government Week.

It was established to increase youth and public awareness about the role local government plays in our communities.  Beyond highlighting the value of local government, it as well serves as a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and promote the distinct and valuable service provided by locally elected Catholic School Trustees/Boards.

As the democratically elected representatives of the Catholic community, we serve as stewards, advocates, political and servant leaders.  We are entrusted not only with the governance of Ontario’s 29 Catholic District School Boards but as well by word and witness to “place Christ and the teachings of the Catholic Church at the centre” of students’ learning experiences.

This week (October 16-20) provides Catholic school boards with the opportunity and platform to communicate/share information with regards to our role, responsibilities and vocation.  It is as well an ideal time to promote the precious gift of publicly funded Catholic education.

We invite you to share this information about the role of Catholic trustees and Catholic education with your Catholic School and Parish communities. The information can be shared through in-person presentations or by providing this content in a format that can be shared on Board websites. To support both in-person and online presentations we have provided you with a PowerPoint slide deck (see below) that you are invited to amend to reflect your board’s local history, profile and contact information.

You may also wish to distribute locally or electronically a brief brochure produced by OCSTA about the marvelous history of Catholic education in Ontario. The brochure is online and can be downloaded and printed for distribution. Here is the link for the brochure:

Following is the link to the PowerPoint slide deck (please customize as indicated/required):

Other useful resources include:
Catholic Trustees, Advocates, Guardians and Stewards of Catholic Education
Becoming a Catholic Trustee

Ontario Education Services Corporation resources include:
Making a Difference for Kids: Running for Election as a School Board Trustee
2022-2026 Good Governance Guide
2022 Ontario Municipal and School Board Elections website

“He or she who seeks the office of Catholic School Trustee is seeking an honourable position.”
Cardinal Emmett Carter

Please accept our deep gratitude for your dedicated service and tireless work.  I pray that Our Lord Jesus Christ showers you and Catholic School Trustees across Ontario with all of His blessings.

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